Wednesday, May 22, 2013

4.5 months

laila is now four and a half months old and she's doing great. despite her incredible disinterest in rolling over, she's advancing nicely and developing new skills every day. she is a big time talker, squealer, giggler and smiler. She weighed in at 13lbs5ozs at her four month appointment, two weeks ago, and she is really chunking up quite nicely. shes grabbing things with her hands, drooling all over everything, and really enjoying her exersaucer. i don't have much to say right now so here's this...

top 10 public places i've breastfed laila (in no particular order)

1.  ikea's mini restaurant
2. denny's
3. the park
4. on a plane
5. in our moving car (when i leaned over the car seat bc she was inconsolable so i had lovedove drive and i just fed her right then and there)
6. on the bleachers at the gym where we play basketball immediately before and/or after one of my games
7. the auto body shop (while i waited for 3 hours for my car to have the window fixed)
8. the pediatrician's office
9. the beach
10. the Long Island Children's Museum, they had a lovely little nursing nook

i feel its necessary for me to note my breastfeeding accomplishments for several reasons. first because i had a pretty rough time at one point. next because it reminds me to feel proud of myself in an age where so many women choose to formula feed bc of whatever reason, i feel like im in an elite group of moms who choose to breastfeed. also because i feel like im part of a breastfeeding movement, and like im an activist/awareness raiser/supporter and i like that.

so if anyone reading this is struggling, just hang in there. it does get better, and easier. it is still the most rewarding thing ive ever done.

so happy to be reading lots of good news all around blogland about happy babies and tired mommies.

i dont have the time or mind to write much more right now, but will try to soon.

here's two recent pictures of my little meatball with accompanying text from a friend.