Thursday, January 9, 2014


here we are a year and a day later, after giving birth to our littlest munchkin laila. life is as good as it can be given the circumstances of our family's recent loss. we're looking forward to a new year with new hope and opportunity. her first official (i need to note her official birthday party because my mother has thrown her two different "parties" in the last week, with food, cake, and guests {not many but still}, one while she was watching the kids while we were out, and the other during lovedove's work hours. needless to say, we were irritated and we will not be nominating her for least invasive/abrasive grandmother of the year) birthday party is next weekend and we are looking forward to that very much. its going to be quite the bash, unlike our usual parties that we put together ourselves. neither of us have the drive or brain cells to take on a task that large at this moment in time.

im sure there are other things i could think about but my brain is a little frozen today, we have no heat or hot water. landlords called the plumber at 7:30 this morning, he was supposed to be here "asap, by 12 at the latest", and its now 2pm and no sign of him. guess my clients are meeting with a stinky therapist today! whatever, my landlords are shmos, there are 4 children in this building under the age of 4, 2 teenagers, 3 animals (dog, cat, bird) and 6 adults, you would think they would get on the guy about what "asap" actually means. whatever, at least its not single digit temperatures anymore. im thankful this is the first time in my life ive ever dealt with something like this. there are many worse things, hopefully its taken care of quickly.

anyway... here's a picture of the little one eating her first ring ding on her first birthday.

hope you are all well. happy new year everyone.

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  1. Happy Birthday Laila! She is so big now! And what a cute face. I look forward to hearing all about the party :)