I've always enjoyed chronicling my days in words, but I hate writing things by hand, hence, I'm blogging. Despite the fact that this causes me to spend more time on a computer, I find it helps me to sort through my feelings, and putting this out there for others to read makes me feel like I'm a part of the TTC community.

I run after our daughter and pit-bull-daughter all day in our apartment in NYC. Please do not be mistaken and think I mean Manhattan, I'm a part time Social Worker/Therapist and my wife (Lovedove) is an elementary school teacher, we live happily in Queens. We work really hard with high need populations and I think we're the most do-gooder couple I know, and I'm proud of that. It makes me feel like we're making the most of our lives by helping others. Before you start hating me (because i sound like i think im great) please know that I'm not actually as wonderful as I sound. I (used to) drink beer more than the average bear and become a mean grizzly bear sometimes, I'm not the most fashionable, and I'm a jock, kind of. I belch loudly. There, that evens it out, no?

Anyway I just needed a place to put all of my day to day crap in this crazy obstacle course I'm trying to get through so that we can expand our family.