Wednesday, March 19, 2014

i hate being angry in the morning!

ugh, so im so angry right now that i could cry. and so could lovedove, and anything that makes her want to cry, makes me want to kill the person who makes her want to cry. here's whats going on today.

our realtor, C, that we love, took us to see house #4 last week. it was not even listed on the market, it was through her office. she was able to get us in there, and we fell in love. we feel it was priced a little high for what it lacks (no driveway, basement isn't finished, the house is not very updated and was built in 1910, the 3rd bedroom is super tiny) but we fell in love. put in a bid under asking price. they countered. we countered with a slightly higher bid, but had reached our max offer. they didn't want to accept it, our realtor encouraged us to not pressure them for an answer quickly and just kind of wait around. the buyers were going to schedule an open house to see if they got any higher offers and we were going to wait. a few days later they decided not to do the open house and to just take our bid. we were thrilled. we signed a contract with our lawyer and asked him to hold it until we completed an inspection. meanwhile our realtor was being transferred to a new office and could no longer officially act on our behalf as our buyer's agent. so now we are stuck with the seller's agent acting as a "dual" (the only) agent advocating for both the buyer and the seller. we were sad but she also agreed to guide us from the sidelines.

monday (2 days ago) we met the home owner (husband) and the real estate agent for the home inspection. the word despise does not do justice for the feelings i have for the real estate agent. just the kind of old man, know it all, "this is my neighborhood", i feed every church pantry around, everybody knows me, cheap cologne wearing, piece of shit that i can't stand. he's trying to shmooze the whole time with crappy jokes, trying to play some the white republican card which never flies with me, and minimizing anything that they inspector is noting to us. he keeps telling me the house is in "mint condition" considering its age, and that they aren't showing the house to anyone else, and that it will be ours soon. the homeowner was nice, but very doofy, hasnt done a thing to the house since his inlaws sold it to him and his wife a year and a half ago. fine. there were some water leak issues that if not addressed could lead to problems with the foundation in time. we were waiting on the inspector's report to try to negotiate for some of the cost of the repairs that we are going to have to take on.

the report was done on monday. monday afternoon mr shmoe real estate agent calls me and tells me he's "got a guy" who can fix the issue for $100. yea ok, im gonna put my home in the hands of a guy who can fix a potentially big problem for $100. so i tell him we are going to wait on the report and go from there. tuesday night i get the report, start to go over it. fwd it to my attorney and ex agent and plan to discuss the following morning (today).

i get an email (30 mins ago when i turned my computer on) that the seller's/our dual agent, told our real estate attorney, that they received a "higher offer" on the house. this piece of shit is gonna bullshit, (bc i HIGHLY doubt that they have a higher offer) use scare tactics, and bully me into buying the house as is. and guess what.. he's gonna win. we are going to buy the house without trying to negotiate so that his seller gets the highest paid price and he makes whatever commission he's going to get. he's going to take as much of the money that we only have from losing our mother as he can, and he's going to be proud of himself and slap a shit eating grin on his face at the end of the day. and at the end of that same day, i better have that fucking house in my possession. this piece of shit bully is gonna get a piece of my mind when this is all said and done. mostly respectfully, but i intend to walk into his office and embarrass him in front of his coworkers, trash him on yelp, and explain his lack of ethics to anyone and everyone i ever have a real estate conversation with in the future. i honestly might take my kids with me when i walk into his office to speak with him to teach them about bullies. i believe there is a special place in hell for people who fuck around like this. i trust in God/the many Gods/higher powers whoever, that he will get what is coming to him.

i get that its your job to sell a house for the highest price, but do it honestly. i dont wish bad things on people, i dont believe in that kind of thing, but i trust in the universe that karma will get his fucking asshole.