Wednesday, May 9, 2012


my love affair with dollar tree tests may have ended. i went to Deal$ and bought 6 of the same pregnancy test yesterday (the two i used had been sitting in my medicine cabinet for like 3 months) because i had researched the situation and found out that dollar tree bought deal$ in 2006, and there aren't any local dollar tree stores. long story short, i didn't do that well holding my pee last night because i had some issues with my insulin pump at 2:30am, my sugar was at 250 and i was furious. so of course while i put on a new pump in the bathroom i figured id pee. when i got up at 6:30 and my sugar had returned to a normal/healthy range i tested. i took one deal$ test (which is the same exact product/hpt that i had bought from dollar tree) and the line was very faint. so i took another one, another faint line. i started to get kind of concerned, so i took the Answer brand test i had laying around. that came back with a strong positive, thank God. that put my fears to rest and made me mad at the cheapie tests. "see, im pregnant you stupid tests", i didn't actually say that, but that's what i was thinking. needless to say ill be purchasing more non-dollar tree/non-deal$ tests today. its just so unfortunate bc those other ones are only $1 and so many people on ttc sites seems to like them a lot (ttc women's preferred hpts). guess ill be blowing some more $ on the bigger brands. at least this is a temporary addiction to feed, and hopefully its the last time ill be testing, God willing.

huge congrats to Roxxroxx @ Bangkok Baby Project for her bfps and great beta!

(later in the day/evening)

yes i am very confused about why the same product from 2 different stores has yielded such odd results. i bought a 3 pack of FRERs today and i got a very strong + on that and a pretty faint + on the cheapie.  dont know why i had such great results the first day i tested and crappy ones with the newer ones i bought.

people at work have been asking me about how "things went". i told them that i wont know until the end of the week, and in any case i wont be talking about it for a while. i'd either be getting back into the procedures for the second round, or id be keeping my mouth shut about my very new pregnancy. i kind of wish everyone had figured out proper infertility lady early pregnancy etiquette without it having to be addressed, but i feel good that everyone will not be asking now.

also .. with the progesterone suppositories, i hate it a lot less since i bought a pack of finger cots. they're like teeny tiny condoms for your fingers. i know that chefs and medical people use them, and i guess people who have to use suppositories are also ideal candidates for their use. im much less grossed out. i highly recommend them.

yea that is a lot of random stuff, but its all stuff ive been forgetting to write.  can you have "pregnancy brain" this early?

qotd 23
put your ipod on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that play.
(im kind of VERY scared of this one, i have a lot of random stuff on there, i should have put my ipod on my list of guilty pleasures, pls dont judge me)
1. if i cant have you - yvonne elliman, saturday night fever soundtrack
2. hold on - wilson phillips
3. no one will do - mjb
4. nasty boys - janet jackson
5. this love - maroon 5
6. breaking point - etta james
7. r-e-s-p-e-c-t - aretha franklin
8. i kissed a girl - katy perry
9. dont drink the water - dmb
10. hey jude - beatles

(that is the best shuffle ive ever done somehow. there were no disney songs, no boy bands, no spice girls, no musicals, and none of sofia's lullabies that we always have to take with us on vacations. that was truly incredible)

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