Our Love Story

Just in case you're nosy like i am and like to know everything about how people wind up together.

1999- We meet in the environmental club and photography club in the catholic hs we attend. We're best friends immediately. Completely inseparable.
1999/early 2000- We're both 16by now, now we're a little more than friends, but im a completely homophobic tomboy, if you can imagine that.
2001-2004- Wifey/Lovedove graduates from the hs and attends college in southern California. We do the long distance thing, it was ugly at some points, whatever, we got through it.
2004- Lovedove returns home to NYC for many reasons, our relationship gets more serious and we get engaged.
2007- We get married and have the best, most fun, non traditional wedding ever.(ask anyone)
2008- We get legally married.

Of course there are a thousand and one details left out of our history, but who the hell wants to hear all of that? If you're curious, just ask, i've got no shame.