Tuesday, May 6, 2014


its been a while, and i hate having that angry post be the last thing i've written. ugh i was so angry. im almost sorry that i shared my anger in such an unfiltered way, wait i guess i am sorry... sorry. so we've been moving along in the process, we officially got approved for our mortgage a few weeks ago, we seem to be in the final stages now. we are starting (barely) to pack, we still dont have a closing date. we should be getting some information about the appraisal into our hands this week, which should lead to final if any negotiation by our lawyer with theirs, and then hopefully we get to close and start working on the house before we move in. also, the moving date seems to be moved up. we got an email from the sellers attorney, to our attorney, a few weeks ago and the selling family said they are ready asap. so here we go. planning to try to be in to start working on the house by the end of the month, if we are able to close that quickly, and hopefully get moved in, in june. i cant wait. we are both going crazy in this apt. we just want the next happy chapter in our lives to start.

since i last wrote we went to portland to visit my SiL, had a wonderful few days out there with tons of completely delicious food and lots of fun. she actually is just finishing up a visit to us, as she had flown in for a wedding. so we have seen a lot of each other in the last few weeks and it has been really nice to all be together.

so thats about it, my brain is so fried lately, work has been stressful, life is life, and im not that motivated to blog lately. hopefully i get back into the swing of blogging one day.

laila completes her first set of swimming classes tomorrow. it was only 6 weeks, but i think it was beneficial. she was the crier in the class. she does not like when the instructor takes her to do an example of the exercise/activity, but all in all she does well.

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